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1995 BMW E36 M3 Corvette Engine 142k miles manual for sale Texas

$35,000 - 142k miles - Manual - Lancaster, TX

This is for the race heads .

Selling my bmw m3 it has a corvette engine in it !

Evrything is new .

All original seats .

Its got a carbon fiber hood and wing.

Put a ton of work and money into this thing a d j really hate to see it go. Im not in a hurry to sell so if i get low ballers then u will be ignored.

If you know about m3s then u know that this is worth it so please domt waste my time .

Now for 42k i am giving u the car with the original m3 rims that along cost 1800, 4 rims and a spare so 5 rims total , original standard hood for the car , stainless steel back muffler, original steering wheel with airbag ,original m3 shocks.

This car is completely swapped out ! Comes with a brand spanking new sound system. Everything in this car is new from the screws to the parts . It has been dynoed i have the paper for that. Evrything i have bought from the racing companies. Transmission is 6 speed suspension has been swapped put.

Asking price: $35,000

Contact: Amira


Please mention M3List!

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