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1997 BMW E36 M3

$14,000 - 127k miles - Manual - Denver, CO

I have owned this car for 7 years and put about 12k miles on it. Work done in the car: new cooling system (radiator, hoses, water pump, thermostat and housing, expansion tank). New tires, rear brakes, belts, and pulleys/tensioner. 02 sensors, SSI Stealth panel.

A shop replaced oil pump, sensor and rod bearings while trying to fix oil pressure problem (see below). Car starts and runs well. I would not hesitate to drive as is.

Full disclosure: Oil pressure light flickers occasionally when engine is at temp and idling. Remedies have included new oil pressure sensor, oil pump, new rod bearings, motor oil flush, different weight oil.

Power steering leaks

Check engine light: P0442, small evaporative system leak, passes CO emissions with no problem.

Driver's seat cracked

Head liner sagging

Paint is ok, peeling off spoiler

Open to offers, but not trades

Asking price: $14,000

Contact: David

Instagram: @subtlemel


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