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2001 BMW E46 M3

$31,000 - 159k miles - 6 speed manual - Santa Barbara, California

Selling my 2001 LSB M3, maintenance was my priority on this car with some detail upgrades made as well. Both keys are intact and service records are available as well. BMW Santa Barbara just performed an inspection on 10/22 and all is well.

Maintenance (besides normal oil changes, tires)

-Brake pad wear sensors replaced

-Power steering hose replaced

-Valve adjustment done @ 118,677

-New Coils and Plugs and power steering hose (performed by me)@ 146,229

Big Three completed @ 156k Miles EAS Anaheim CA, receipt available to verify authenticity of work

-Vanos overhaul

-Rod bearings replaced

-Subframe re inforced

-New rear bushings

158,223 miles performed at dealer

-AC Fan belt and drive belt replaced AC re charged blows cold no leaks.

158,936 performed at dealer

-Water pump replaced

-Idler pulley replaced

-Coolant flush

-Brake flush

Cosmetic upgrades:

-New headlight replacement lenses

-Steering wheel non OEM (AZ Autowheel better than OEM in my opinion anyway)

-Center console dash trim

-New side mirror lenses

-New shift knob and leather boot

-New center console plastic trim around the switches

-Avin Avant headset upgrade for Apple Carplay (works well but software has issues, some minor bugs here and there, out of my control)

-Rearview leaking mirror repaired by

-CF rear diffuser

-Replacement OEM hood vent trim

-Agency Power muffler installed, I do have the OEM exhaust as well in the garage.

-Previous owner has a short shifter installed, not sure what brand. Works great though, nice short throws.

Asking price: $31,000

Contact: Bryant


Phone: (805) 717-0051

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