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2002 BMW E46 M3

manual - 112k miles - La Puente, California

Big 3 done

Bought at 96k miles and currently have 111,800

Only put about 13k miles in almost 5 years

Prior to owning

SMG converted manual.

Bmw Escondido for rod bearing recall and airbag

Beisan Vanos rebuild 106k miles

Subframe reinforced by EAS in Anaheim

BBS CH-R rims

Build Journal B-spec Tune

Oil filter Housing @ 94k

Valve Cover Gasket @ 94k

Guy before me had it maintained @ Funhzehn in Anaheim.

Replaced/added in ownership:

Michelin Pilot 4s tires

Genuine Bmw Competition brake set up @111k

Driver Rear wheel assembly

Rear wheel stud converted

EONON head unit

Status Gruppe Rear Diffuser

Aftermarket Audio

Resealed whole front end @96k miles

Just did tune up @111500 miles

All ignition coils delphi @111k miles.

Minor chips/Molding deteriorating around windshield. I have email/paper receipts for everything.

Asking price: $25,000

Contact: Rey

Instagram: @reyrey_034

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