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2002 BMW E46 M3

$23,500 - 155k miles - SMG - Northern Virginia

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TiAg over Impluse Cloth


No Mods

Rod Bearings 11/29/04 Mileage 27,456

Airbag recall for Module 12/17/15 107960mi

Coolant system overhaul 01/12/2017 114,000mi

Airbag recall for Drivers side Airbag 08/15/17 124424mi

Suspension refresh Front control arms, FCABds, RTABS and limiters 3/9/2018 131,000mi

Transmission Mounts, Transmission Fluid, Flex Disc 6/8/2019 140,000mi

Rod Bearings, Engine Mounts, OPHG, 6/8/2019 140,000mi

Valve adjustment 11/02/2019 145,000mi

SMG Pump Motor Replaced Burkhart Unit, SMG Temp Sensor Replaced, Gear Selector Sensor Replaced, Burkhart SMG Fluid 11/04/2019 145,183mi

Vanos refresh; Upper Chain Guide, Beisan Oil Pump Disc, Rattle Repair Kit, Seals Repair Kit, Solenoid Pack, Sealing Plate, Lang Racing Cam Gear Bolt Set. 11/28/2019 146,000mi

Interior A,B,C Pillars replaced, cupholders. 05/27/2021 152,000mi

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Asking price: $23,500

Contacvt: Chad

Phone: 717 926 4588


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