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2003 BMW Turbo E46 M3

$35,000 - 179k miles - Manual - San Jose, CA

Putting a Feeler out there. Very hesitant on doing this but if an interested buyer with some $$$ it may push it over to a sell.

2003 e46 M3

179k miles

clean title

MAXpsi turbo kit installed

Vanos proof done

Rear end subframe done by Max Psi

Alpine White ( wasn't original paint color ). Full color change by

Philip Yeung ; door james, trunk .. except engine bay.

Imola Red Interior - 8.7 out of 10

Manual 6 speed. Was SMG but professional converted by Performance Tech - Fremont

Asking price: $35,000

Contact: KD


Instagram: @turbo_m3

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