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2018 BMW F80 M3

$65,000 - 37k miles - DCT - Santa Barbara/Ventura, CA

Car is entirely stock except for M-performance center armrest and alcantara steering wheel. Basically fully loaded with decently rare combo of:

-Yas Marina blue

-Competition package

-Carbon ceramic brakes

-Full merino leather (leather dash and top of door interior)

-Executive package

-Full-screen (touchscreen in 2018) wireless Apple car play

-Original MSRP of $90,395, see original window sticker in iCloud album

-Extended warranty thru 2024 (transferrable)

-STEK Dynoshield PPF full front, mirrors and rear fender flares. It’s had PPF since new (I had previous PPF replaced about 1.5yrs ago).

-3M ceramic tint 50% on sides and back, Air80 (clear tint) on windshield

Clean California title, never any accidents. I’m technically the first registered owner, before me it was a BMW-owned demo car. I purchased it with 11k miles, now on 37k.

See this iCloud link for a full album of detailed photos:

I have all service records. I’ve owned BMW’s my whole life and this has been the most reliable I’ve ever had. Some initial coil issues in the first 2 weeks and since then 2 years without a single problem. Not even a random SES light. And I do drive it spiritedly on the occasional weekend. I baby it in the important ways—I always wait for the oil temp to come to full operating temp before going past 4k RPM (not just for the redline lights to fully change), and I wait for the idle revs to drop before driving away on startups. I have only used launch control twice. In fear of crank hub I’ve only used the DCT kickdown downshift maybe a couple times (drove manuals my whole life so I’m used to being in the right gear anyway). Never any donuts/burnouts. Oil changes done every 7k miles using Motul 10w40.

I’m pretty anal about my car’s appearance. I can confidently say it’s in the same condition as when I bought it if not better, due to the new PPF. I also had the steering wheel custom wrapped in alcantara by Coby wheels, feels and looks oem and retains the heated wheel function unlike the official M wheel.

Asking price: $65,000

Contact: Mike


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