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2021 BMW G80 M3

$109,500 - 15k miles - Auto - California

RWD Competition

-AST lowering springs

-r44 spacers

- michelin ps4s 305 30/ r20

- unlocked ECU through femto

- custom stage 2 bm3 tune through Cary Jordan (780 WHP)

- SSR catless downpipes

- valvetronic catback titanium exhaust

- r44 front lip

- headlight tint

- flex fuel kit

Asking price: $109,500

Contact: JG

Instagram: @Jaskeeratgrewal

Click the link in our bio for more. (We’re free of charge, but donations are appreciated!) Looking for an M3? Looking to sell your M3? Please email us at or visit to see more. Join the M3 community! #bmw #m3 #bmwm3 #m3list #carsforsale #cars

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