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Average cost to build an E92 M3 (E9X M3) modifications

Exhaust: $2,000 - $8,500

Intake: $400 - $900

Carbon Plenum: $2,500

Wheels: $1,300 - $7,500

Coilovers: $2,000 - $6,000

Tires: $1,500

GT4 lip: $450

Recaro Seats: $3,000

M Steering wheel: $1,000

Tune: $650

Rod bearings: $2,500

Throttle actuators: $1,500

Big brake kit: $4,500

Roll cage: $2,500

Average cost: $30,000+

+ window tint, grills, headlights, wraps, deck lids, diffusers,

under trays, side skirts, carbon roof refinish, carbon roof swap,

carbon mirror caps, canards, brake cooling, brake lines,

idle control valve, center support bearing, roundels,

badges, start button, M button, transmission tune,

E85 tune, fueling, wings, tow hooks, carbon trim,

alcantara interior pieces, supercharger, CAE/RTD shifter,

whatever else breaks along the way + LABOR etc…

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