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Blown engine F80 M3 turns into an awesome build at StudioRSR!

Check out this F80 M3 that StudioRSR just finished up building over at their shop!

"This customer brought us his F80 M3 with a blown engine, one of the worst we've seen actually. He sourced a used motor and had it shipped to us to work our magic.

Even though we're capable of so much more, here's the short list of what we did to his F80. Vargas V2 Crank Hub w/ CBC Pure Stage 2+ Upgraded Turbos VRSF Chargepipes & Top Mount Charge Air Cooler CSF Front Mount Heat Exchanger CTS Turbo Intakes Jordan Tuned on Bootmod3

We have another blown F80 coming up that's going to be really exciting seeing the progress. Stay tuned because this one is going to even sicker..

Feel free to reach out to get started on your build or with any questions"

You can use discount code "M3ListRSR" to shop on the entire StudioRSR website to save $ or use code "M3ListCages" to save on buying your next roll cage!

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