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BMW E90 M3 Hillclimb

€100,000 - Heves, Hungary

ENGINE: BMW M3 S65 4.0L 540HP 9500Rpm ARROW rod parts number: ARROW209 SCHRICK camshaft parts number: 1 stk 0485E1040-L1 1stk 0485E1040-R1 1stk 0485A1040-R1 1stk 0485E1040-L1 32stk 048502098 16stk 048513012 64stk 0894138L5 32stk 04858500 pistons special CPS pistoni GEARBOX: Drenth DG500 Dropgear->1.048 1st->2.659 2nd-> 1.833 3rd->1.455 4th->1.247 5th->1.098 6th->1.000 Motec M800 ceramic exhaust mainflod new exhaust system WTCC front and rear suspension and stabilizer KW 3 way Ceramic breaks Motec C125 Display 1170KG If you intrested in about the car we have extra parts(rims,tires,suspension parts,gears to transmission,diferential,etc) to the car. Asking price: €100,000

Contact: Norbert

Phone: 36306346842

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